Life Update…

Happy new year!!! I am so sorry I haven’t posted in like forever no excuses but life happened. All too soon we are in another year I strongly believe this year is by far going to be my best year ever. The last two years have been very challenging for me and I thank God for giving me the strength to endure through all the trying times. I’m grateful that I am alive and well and that I live to see 2017! I look forward to an amazing eventful year!

To give you a life update and had a baby. Now marriage is a big deal but having a baby is an even bigger deal. My life has changed, my body has changed and more importantly my values have changed. I had a bouncy baby girl and she’s just amazing she turned 6months in December There will be a post where I go into detail about her.

I intend to share these new changes with you and share my experiences and struggles I have experienced along the way. If you would like to read about my birth experience as well as monthly milestones do let me know. I made a conscious to document as much as I could during each month. I would also like to share my experiences with coping as a mother, responsibilities as a parent, tips and advice that have helped me along the way, food recipes for babies among others. I feel these tips are very informative and can help someone in a similar position. I am planning a schedule this year to help me post regularly I’m hoping you guys will keep me accountable.

I have some great ideas that I can’t wait to share till then I wish you a happy prosperous new year. Be sure to check in for more posts as I will be posting regularly. If you enjoyed this post like and leave a comment I love hearing from you. Also leave a comment on what kind of post you would like to see. Have an amazing day and remember to say a prayer. Until next time stay blessed!
Love always,

Emma ❤️


Five books I would never throw away

Good Reads!

Book of words

As much as electronic books have been a lifesaver, or more appropriately a shoulder/back saver, the book lover in me still loves possessing physical copies of books, especially when they hold special memories for me. Below are five books that are very dear to me, with little stories of their own and I cannot see myself throwing them out anytime soon.

Let me know down below if you have any books that you love so much that you will not part with it so easily.

Murder on the Orient1. Murder on the Orient Express
One of the masterpieces of English writer Agatha Christie, it is a must have on the bookshelves for all die-hard fans of ‘The Queen of Crime.’ I absolutely adore this book and think that it epitomizes the beauty of her huge collection of crime fiction writings.

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