When I was a child observing my mother bake each weekend was always the highlight of my weekends. The smell of all the ingredients being assembled to form wonderful and tasty treats and goodies made me a believer in magic(literally) the amazing smell that tickled my taste buds and made my mouth watery. The beautiful decorations adorned on my favorite chocolate cake devils cake!

seeing is believing

I used to help my mum prepare the cakes cookies and brownies as well as her famous bread.

On weekdays I was the most popular girl in school for I got to determine who was good enough to have a share in my goodies. Sadly the goodies never lasted the entire week and by the end of the week I had made more enemies than friends.😆

Growing up I always wanted to relive those beautiful moments baking brought to my house however my dream was soon forgotten by demands such as school and worse studying. Now years later after becoming a lawyer I am on a quest to revive my long lost passion of baking!



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