I have been hearing about this mask for a while now and I have been curious about it for the longest while. I was a little hesitant at first due to the fact that not everything you hear about actually works looool but I must admit it did get my attention.

How can gelatine and milk be used as a mask to clear pores it is also claimed to remove facial hair (now who doesn’t want a smooth facial hair free face???)

I have acne prone skin and I actually do have acne on my face so anything that promises to clean my clogged pores I am so INTERESTED loool

I decided to do some research about it before I end up destroying my face. After I was convinced I had researched on the topic thoroughly I was prepared to try it on my whole face and not just my nose.

Things Needed:
• gelatine (this has to be the plain or unflavored kind)

•Milk (any kind is allowed, if you have powdered milk just mix with water) it should be in liquid form.

What To Do

In a microwaveable cup or glass add two tablespoons of plain or unflavored gelatine and two tablespoons of milk. Microwave it for not more than 20seconds I recommend 15 but if your microwave is super fast or should I say hot?? make it 10 seconds. It should be a thick viscous consistency.

Now on a clean face apply the mask please allow it to cool a little before applying I do not want to be responsible for anyone burning their face off loool. However apply quickly as it dries pretty fast I recommend using an old makeup brush to apply.

I suggest to apply the mask not to thick on the face as removing it could be a problem it shouldn’t be too light either it should be somewhere between the two. Also I advice that any hair wanted on the face including but not limited to hair and eyebrows should be avoided. Try adding an oil or Vaseline to the eyebrows and hairline to protect it.

I left the mask on for about twenty minutes (some recommend leaving it for just five minutes) but I felt the stiffer it got the more it cleared my pores loool. It will get really hard and your face will really get stiff it may even hurt a little to smile. After the twenty minutes is up peel the mask gently off the face I apply a bit onto my neck so I started peeling from my neck upwards. I advise to be very gentle when peeling as it gets a bit difficult to remove.

When the mask is off (you will see a lot of gunk on the removed mask more like peeled skin) go ahead and moisturize as it can leave the skin feeling bare and dry. I personally used a toner before applying my moisturizer just to balance my ph (you can totally skip this if you want to).

I recommend doing this just before bedtime as the sleep will restore and rejuvenate the skin.

The Results

Immediately after removing the mask my face literally felt like a baby! I wouldn’t say it took off my facial hair but it definitely cleaned up a lot of clogged pores and build up. I would definitely do this again but I would definitely not do it too often. I think every two weeks would be just fine. Unfortunately I did not take an after pic as I was too tired to remember but here is a pic of me the next day.

I hope you all enjoy the post and if you decide to try it out please do well to let me know if this post was useful. If you have also tried it before feel free to let me know how you applied it and the results. If you want to see a video tutorial of how I apply the mask do let me know.

As always have an amazing day guys! Always remember to say a prayer. Until next time stay blessed!