Lemons anyone???!

Hello everyone, sorry it has been a while been caught up with some personal stuff but I decided to take a minute and post something I think is just awesome!

So let’s get right to it. 


LEMONS yes lemons. How many of you know the importance of lemons??! I cannot stress how awesome they are.

Lemons are rich in vitamin c and we all know how important vitamin c is important in our diet as well as hair growth. I am going to spare you the lecture on vitamin c since I know nobody has time for that (looool)

I want to tell you 7 simple ways I use lemons in my daily routine. 

In the morning, on an empty stomach a drink a mug full of lukewarm water with a whole freshly squeezed lemon (this I must say takes a while to get used to). This serves as a detox to clean my system of impurities.

After I brush my teeth I gaggle a bit of the warm lemon water but I do not swallow I use the warm lemon water at this stage as a mouthwash and it keeps my breath fresh all day.😄

After I take a shower I put lemon on my armpits I tend to do this at night before bed though due to the fact that lemon is photosensitive so not advisable to use during the day. I normally put on deodorant during the day and only use the lemon on my armpits at night and it is the best by far natural deodorant if you ask me! Looool

Now during the day I stay hydrated by slicing  up a lemon and adding it to my water you could use an infuser if you don’t like having the lemons directly in the water. I personally don’t mind.

Another thing I have been loving lately is squeezing a lemon onto anything I eat this though can make your food taste a bit too tangy depending on what exactly you eating but squeezing fresh lemon over salad or meat or fish is just delish! Loool

I also like to use lemon on my face. Lemon is a natural brightener and great for battling acne. As you all know I have hyper pigmentation and I have very prone acne skin. I use a few drops of half a lemon and pure honey on my face a few nights a week when I feel my face feels or looks dull and it brightens it instantly.

Also when I feel my face needs to be exfoliated (like really exfoliated) I squeeze a few drops of lemon on some baking soda and give my face a good scrub! It works wonders.

So there you have it my simple ways of incorporating lemon into my regimen. Hope you all enjoy and if you want to know an in depth post of my daily routine do let me know.

Do you also love lemons? Do you use them in your daily routine as well? What are some of the ways you use lemon? Share if you have any ways I would love to hear from you guys.

Till then I wish you all a beautiful day!

           Love always,